Author: Aime Marco
Publisher: Elèuthera
Series: Senza Collana 
ISBN: 9788833022345
Publication: 03/29/2024


Disponibile (ordinabile)

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Seen up close – as Aime does, who knows those hills well – the historical experience of the Taneka reveals the complex interweaving of mediations, resistances and innovations that this people have been able to implement in the process of building their own society. A long process that began in the 18th century, with a close alliance between families of different origins to defend themselves from slave raiders, and which was by no means limited to resistance but gave rise to rules, traditions and customs capable of to link different belongings together. Denying the clichés that Africans are “tribal”, this conception proves to be more “modern” than ever, especially when compared with the resurgence of localism and nationalism based on autochthony, roots and the link between land and blood that we witness in Europe , these are typical of a tribal conception in which one is born as a holder of rights. Taneka, on the other hand, you become: a great lesson from a small people who have been able to eradicate “natural” ties and invent new relationships based on coexistence as a choice.