Autore:  Brennan Ian
Editore: Allwort Press
ISBN: 9781621534877


Disponibile (ordinabile)

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All recordings document life, arising from a specific time and place, and if that place is artificial, the results will be as well. Culled from a lifetime of learning through failure and designed to provoke thought and inspiration for artists in every medium, How Music Dies (or Lives) is a virtual how-to manual for those on a quest for authenticity in an age of airbrushed and Auto-Tuned so-called ?artists.? Author and Grammy-winning producer Ian Brennan chronicles his own journeys to find new and ancient sounds, textured voices, and nonmalleable songs, and he presents readers with an intricate look at our technological society. His concise prose covers topics such as:The damages of colonization in generalizing distinctive variations,The need for imperfection,The gaps between manufacturing and invention,The saturation of music in everyday life
This guide serves those who ask themselves, What’s wrong with our culture?? Along with possible answers are lessons in using the microphone as a telescope, hearing the earth as an echo, and appreciating the value of democratizing voices.