Autore: Barakat, Hoda
Traduzione: Booth, Marilyn
Editore: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 9781786077226
Pubblicazione: 04/02/2021


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In an unnamed country torn apart by war, six strangers are compelled to share their darkest secrets. Taking pen to paper, each character attempts to put in writing what they can’t bring themselves to say to the person they love ? mother, father, brother, lost love. Their words form a chain of dark confessions, none of which reaches the intended recipient. Profound, troubling and deeply human, Voices of the Lost tells the moving story of characters living on the periphery, battling with displacement, devastating poverty and the demons within themselves. From one of today’s most talented Arabic writers, Voices of the Lost is an urgent story of lives intimately woven together in a society that is tearing itself apart.